More than a Race.  A Pathway to Success.

The Steps of Success 5K is unlike any other 5K run/walk you've ever experienced.

Here's why. Steps of Success 5K is enhancing the matriculation of collegiate students by given them an inside track to success beyond two or four years.  Outside of the 5k walk/run, we engage our student community year round by providing personal and professional development resources while cultivating them to invest back into underserved communities; showing other youth the power of education.

This is why the Steps of Success 5k walk/run model is different.

We're providing a platform for collegiate students to receive a specific outline to success. How? We're equipping students with tangible knowledge in key areas relevant to the iGen population. 

It sounds great, but you may want to know how we sustain success? We cultivate Steps of Success 5K collegiate students for investment back into underserved communities, showing other youth the power of education and inspiring them to become part of their community.

If you like what you hear, Steps of Success 5K is extending you an opportunity for you to participate in the run/walk and become part of the community. We strongly encourage you to say yes today and help us fulfill our mission to Ignite, Inspire and Transform lives!