Your sponsorship funds more than just a day!  We seek partners who see the value in our mission and will share in investing in the growth and development of our future leaders and helping to create a pathway to success.

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Steps of Success 5K is qualified as a charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code EID: 26-3906467.  Contributions are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.


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The Connect Magazine is a quarterly lifestyle publication and online media source committed to engaging our diverse audience through empowering and impactful stories of entrepreneurs, young professionals, and businesses on the pursuit of positively changing the world, through efforts large and small.

Forward-thinking.  Topical. Relevant. Multi-cultural. Conscious.

Pathway to Success Partner

Our Mission:

To prepare students to make the best academic and social choices, leading to a successful life, connected to college, community, creativity and culture.  

Our alumni will graduate college ready and remain connected to their community.

Our families will support the development of highly effective student leadership habits.

Women's Semi Pro Basketball Partner


The purpose of the Music City Icons Women's Basketball Team is to provide our players with opportunities beyond basketball.  Our program is designed around opportunity and development.  

Our goal is to "Build Opportunities Beyond Basketball" not only in the lives of the basketball players, but in the entire Nashville Community.  The team is comprised of 15 outstanding players who played high school and college basketball.  The Music City Icons gives women the opportunity to play in their hometown with the options of one day playing in the WNBA.

2018 Partner

The International Black Film Festival (IBFF), was established in 2006 to bring culturally diverse communities together to showcase their work as emerging and skilled independent filmmakers, actors, composers, screenwriters, and directors and other film industry professionals.  

Our Work:

Hosting a celebratory, culturally diverse, community inclusive, family friendly, festival that provides a source of education and entertainment for all participants.

Engaging people of all races and cultures in the support, development and enjoyment of culturally relevant depictions in film. 

Creating an environment to showcase independent film from around the globe that accurately depicts the cultures, images and traditions of all communities.