Student Testimonials

  • Asia-bryanne greenleaf


    I am pursuing a D.D.S degree. Coming from a single-parent household and being one of very few minorities in small town West Virginia, I had a goal of being an overachiever and having a successful career to change the course of my life and my family's life. I was always interested in the sciences, and luckily I had great dentist to spark and cultivate my interest. My goal is currently to be on the Dean's List and earn an orthodontics or pediatric dentistry residency. Upon completing all schooling, I would like to own a practice and be able to provide free care to those who cannot afford it.

  • Alexandra bilunas


    I am pursuing a doctorate of dental surgery at Meharry Medical College in order to be able to give back to the community. While growing up, I would volunteer at the open door mission and teach the women and children life skills such as sewing or nutrition. In undergrad, I thought how can I continue my love of volunteering, but change someone's life. I decided to go to dental school, because dentistry helps someone make the first impression in order to succeed. For example, for a job interview, you are first judged on how you look and present yourself. If I can help give someone a great smile, they can walk into a job interview with confidence knowing that they will succeed. I want to be able to give my own Oral Health Day in a future office to allow those in the community around me to move up in life.



    I am currently working on starting an online clothing brand to help fund my dream to become a pediatric surgeon. Once I establish my career I plan on giving back to my college and opening a foster home.



    I am majoring in Biology/Pre-Med at Fisk University. I would like to go to medical school and get my M.d/Ph.d and do research to help find a cure for cancer.

  • richard mead

    psychology/English/pre-law - Fisk University 2015

    “The Pathway to Success Program has given me an opportunity to network with & pique the minds of numerous alumni and professionals. It has instilled in me a sense of service & aspiring to give back. I am able to make a difference in a child’s life at an early stage, which goes to show the massive impact this program can have in the lives of future students. Fisk Forever!”

  • richard baylor

    sociology, fisk university - 2015

    “I now really have a sense of work ethic and how to network and converse with people in a more professional manner. I attribute that to my involvement in the Pathway to Success Program at Fisk University. I want to return the favor with our youth because of the impact this program has made on me. To see the faces when I help tutor or mentoring is an amazing feeling of accomplishment. I had mentors who gave back to me when I was growing up who showed me the right path and I now have a platform to pay it forward to the next generation.”

  • shantil Lewis

    psychology and business - fisk university - 2017

    “I am more open and able to come out of my comfort zone as a member of the Pathway to Success Mentoring Program at Fisk University. I’ve expanded my horizons when it comes to meeting new people and overall has helped me develop into a well-rounded person. I like the idea that our program teaches us how to return the favor to youth that live in the inner city Nashville community. They are the future and I want to help remove the label of “inner city youth” while expanding their expectations of themselves so history won’t repeat itself.”

  • Ashton stansbury

    business admin/mgmt., Fisk University - 2016

    “Being involved in the Pathway to Success Program at Fisk University has given the opportunity to not be on the path to being a statistic. It has afforded me to meet people that I never thought I would meet. I’ve decided to return the favor by helping inner city youth because I don’t want them to be labeled as statistics either. I want them to be more than what society or their environment says they have to be.”

Where Are They Now?

Richard Mead



"The Pathway to Success program instilled in me a true aspiration to give back and serve others.  After graduation, I moved to Los Angeles for two years then relocated  back home to pour into my hometown of Memphis, TN.  I have carried with me the knowledge gained from the Pathway to Success program and will continue to reach back and help others, as Mr. Short and the program did for me."

Where Are They Now?

Shantil Stansbury




"In my new role I assist the Dean with student behavior as well as social and emotional support.  A lot of my days are spent building relationships with students.  I've found that many of the students I work with do not have many positive adult relationships.  I act as a friend and/or mentor to help guide them.  The Pathway to Success program helped me learn how to advocate for myself and the youth of my community.  Because of that, I am able to pay it forward by continuing to work with the youth and their parents.  The Pathway program helped develop me to be more vocal as a person and a leader which will better assist both me, my team and the scholars here in my new role.  Everyone says that when they get a chance, they're going to leave this community.  My question is, If we leave, whose going to be here to help?  We can't depend on outside people to do this work, we have to step up a do it ourselves...we have to care!"