Steps of Success 5K Scholarship Fund

More than ever, our Steps of Success 5K needs YOU!  

Proceeds from the Steps of Success 5K fund college scholarships to local students who desperately need tuition assistance.  

Due to COVID-19, many students and their parents lost their jobs.  We anticipate an ever greater ASK for support this year and we want to answer the call!  

Scholarship offerings are as follows:

  • #IGNITE Scholarships: $500+
  • #INSPIRE Scholarships: $1000+ 
  • #TRANSFORM Scholarships: $2500+

Pathway to Success Initiative


The Pathway to Success Initiative (P2SI) is the framework by which our strategy and mission are accomplished.  We transform the lives of students holistically through development workshops, seminars and think tank sessions in four modules:

  1. Faith Module - Topics geared toward developing and empowering skills that build character, integrity, and self-esteem that grows students in their personal faith and relationship with Jesus Christ.
  2. Education Module - Topics geared toward providing information, skills and tools that empower students for academic success.
  3. Leadership Module - Topics geared toward developing and empowering future leaders, both personally and professionally, with information, tools and 21st Century skills.
  4. Health & Wellness Module - Topics geared toward creating an action plan to enhance their overall fitness, health and wellness.


  1. Traditional (Collegiate) - Students in college or desire to attend a college or university.
  2. Non-Traditional - Students interested in pursuing a trade, entrepreneurship or gaining a skill versus a college degree.

Each module is a transformational experience combining the latest ideas, models, curriculum, skills and tools that ignite purpose, inspire success and transform the lives of students.

Age Demographics:

* K-5, 6-8, 9-12 and Collegiate students

Black men run, brown boys read

Black Men Run, Brown Boys Read initiative is one of the most influential programs we offer.  African American male role models are needed to help young boys achieve success.

Our partnership with Black Men Run, a national organization with over 50 chapters around the world, serves as a bridge to deter young men from the dangers of the street.

How it works?  For 6-8 weeks, members of the Black Men Run Nashville Chapter read with boys in Metro Public Schools.  They then take the young boys out for a run to encourage them to understand and embrace a healthy lifestyle.  They then sign up and run in an official 5k like Steps of Success 5K and get a completion certificate.