Our partnerships are carefully calculated relationships we develop between individuals, businesses and organizations who are involved and committed to working together toward a collective goal to IGNITE (purpose), INSPIRE (success) and TRANSFORM the lives of future leaders.

To customize an opportunity or for additional information on our partner sponsorship's, please contact:

Demetrius Short


  • ignite partner (5k run/walk levels) - $500 - $10,000 +

    As an IGNITE PARTNER, you make a one-day investment into our community through the Steps of Success 5K walk/run and give collegiate  students exposure to how they can holistically achieve success.

    Click HERE to download the IGNITE PARTNER opportunities

  • PATHWAY PARTNER - sponsor students to run/walk

    As a PATHWAY PARTNER you are essential to introducing collegiate students to our programs and services.  Your investment in them at this level helps them pay it forward to youth living in underserved communities and jump starts their holistic journey to ignite, inspire and transform lives.

    Click HERE to download the PATHWAY PARTNER opportunities

  • community partner - $250 (vendor)

    As a COMMUNITY PARTNER, you make an investment to give back to residents of Greater Nashville; receive exposure to Transformation Life Center's community backers and have the opportunity to connect and network with other small businesses.

    Click HERE to download the COMMUNITY PARTNER opportunities

  • INSPIRE PARTNER - $15,000 +

    As an INSPIRE PARTNER, you make a multi-day investment into our community through introducing students to our cause, investing in our scholarship fund and sending students to both of our programs; Steps of Success 5K and Pathway to Success Initiative (P2SI)

    Click HERE to download the INSPIRE PARTNER opportunities

  • TRANSFORM PARTNER - $50,000 +

    As a TRANSFORM PARTNER you make a one-year total investment into our community and become a Transformation Life Center stakeholder with our successors (students), professionals, runners, volunteers and sponsor partners.

    Click HERE to download the TRANSFORM PARTNER opportunities